The Magic of Carotenoids and Antioxidants: The Essential Benefits of Taking Dietary Supplements Rich in Vitamins

The food you eat every day can influence the health of your body. Thus, if you are practicing an unhealthy diet and lives with no exercise a day, you are prone to having diseases. Anyone will admit that they do not want to have an illness in their body. Having a disease is like imprisoning yourself; your physical functions are limited and you could not enjoy your life.

If you want to live a care-free life with wellness, now is the time to transform your inactive and unhealthy lifestyle. Start making a change and turn your daily life into a healthy practice.

The first step towards wellness in health is to eat nutritious foods. Since your childhood, your teacher even your parents taught you to eat a meal that is highly nutritious. Meat, green vegetables and fruits are your primary sources of vitamins. Most of them contain carotenoids and antioxidants which support your body’s health and protects yourself from gaining diseases.

The Role of Carotenoids

The name carotenoids refer to plant pigments that are the reason behind the different bright colors of fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables that are color yellow, orange and red have high carotenoids content. These pigments are substantial for your body. It provides a shield to your body to fight off bacteria and viruses that are trying to infect your system.

Carotenoids belong to the class of phytonutrients which are found in various types of plants, algae, and good bacteria. Studies indicate that there are 600 types of carotenoids. Some of it are familiar to you, like alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, and beta-cryptoxanthin. This substance also contains antioxidant properties which support your body in detoxification or eradicating of free-radicals.

The foods which you should include in your diet to boost the phytonutrients in your body are:

  1. Carrots
  2. Mangoes
  3. Spinach
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Sweet Potatoes

The Role of Antioxidants

You may hear the word antioxidant in food and dietary supplements, yet what does this substance can do to your body?

The purpose of antioxidant is to inhibit the oxidation process in your body. Its role is to counteract all the free-radicals or toxic substances in your bloodstream from damaging your cells, hence the name “anti” meaning against or prevents oxidation.

Antioxidants are natural substances which are found in many types of fruits and vegetables. It is good to add a huge amount of antioxidants in your diet to keep your vital organs healthy and functioning. This substance is your number one protection from having heart disease, a neurodegenerative disorder, and cancer.

What are the foods which are rich in antioxidants? Here is a list of foods that could be a great source of this substance.

  1. Red Grapes
  2. Goji Berries
  3. Dark Chocolate
  4. Kidney Beans 5. Cranberries

Eating these type of foods regularly can be a bit expensive. Then, how can you maintain your healthy diet without making a hole in your pocket?

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