Common Mistakes of Men When Shifting From Electric Razors to Non-Electric Razors

Are you among those people who are thinking of using the electric razor instead of manual razors? Or perhaps, you are new to the world of shaving. In that case, did you know that most people who choose to do manual shaving are unconsciously making mistakes during wet shaving? Below are the common mistakes that men should know more about wet or manual shaving:

  • Wrong preparation

One of the common mistakes of men who turn to wet shaving usually happens during preparation. Unlike, electric razors where you can either use it with or without water or shaving cream; manual razors must be used with water to avoid skin irritation. The common mistakes of people doing wet shaving are they think that splashing their face with water a few seconds before shaving is enough to clean, to avoid skin irritation, and hydrate the skin; however, the truth is, it takes 3-4 minutes prior to shaving.

Also, using body soap to wash the face will remove away the skin’s natural oil, making it more difficult to shave. In other words, use facial soap to clean your face before shaving and or use shaving cream in preparation to shaving.

  • Paying no attention the grain

This is one of those common mistakes of men who are unconscious about the presence of “hair grain”. What is a hair grain? The hair usually grows in a particular direction, which is the smoother direction which is called “hair grain”. One common mistake of men is shaving their facial hairs without paying attention to the hair’s right direction. When this happens, it makes you shave your facial hair more often and increase the risk of nicks and skin irritation.

  • Putting too much pressure when shaving

While electric shavers allow you to put too much pressure when shearing off facial skin without risking of nicks and cuts, some people who transitioned from electric shaving to manual found it difficult not to put pressure when shaving. On the other note, shaving using manual razors allows you to cut across a flat surface efficiently; however, that depends on the type of your razor. Meanwhile, shaving with manual razors and pressing it down can cause skin irritation and inconsistency in shaving.

  • Wrong angle in shaving

One of the common mistakes in every shaving technique is the incorrect blade angle where it is prominent during wet shaving. Men who have been using electric shavers and transitioned to double edge or manual shaver, there is a possibility that they would hold the razor same way with electric razors which is wrong. So, if you are transitioning, it is advisable to learn the right angle to shave off your beard.

In conclusion, when it comes to shaving, do not easily get drifted into transitioning from one technique to the other, do some research. Also, when it comes to the razor, it is nice to use electric razor where it offers nothing but the comfortable feeling after shaving. Furthermore, you can research more about best electric razors info and reviews to get the best of the best razors in the industry.