Why Have Coloring Books Become Popular Among Adults

In coloring books for adults, there are intricate patterns for coloring. Some say that these are psychologically based models for relieving tension. This is the coloring that we do, which makes us relax, and as a result, these books are fashionable.

Despite the fact that coloring does give a lot of mental benefits, it’s not the same thing as therapy. According to industry researchers, working with color pages has therapeutic potential for reducing anxiety, creating focus or raising awareness. Based on groundbreaking research in 2005, it has been proven that anxiety levels decrease when objects color several color pages for adults or mandalas that are circular frames with geometric patterns inside.

This can be especially effective for people who do not like the more creatively expressive forms of art, such as painting or writing. Participants who are more protected, find much peace of mind in coloring the images. He feels safer for them, and he creates deterrence around the coloring process.

Recently a couple of coloring books for grown-ups became the top best-selling books on Amazon. (Yikes!) Also, for quite a while five of the top ten best-sellers in Britain were adult coloring books.

And it wasn’t so long ago when adults were ashamed to admit they kind of liked coloring their children’s coloring books. It was considered childish and somewhat infantile. Researchers even claim that adult coloring books owe their rising popularity to the virtual anonymity of their purchasers – adults were too embarrassed to buy “such” books like pokemon coloring book from regular real-life bookstores. It was thought to be socially unacceptable.

So what’s all that fuss about now? Why is coloring suddenly so trendy?

Well, apparently:

It gives you permission to feel like a child again.

Adult coloring books are like the new kid on the block – they bring about an air of mystery and intrigue, promising new, unknown and undiscovered adventures. More and more grown-ups are into this, and it’s no coincidence. They can now “legally” get childish, and no one would blame them. Coloring’s proven to evoke your inner child who simply wants to play and feel good. No more, no less.

Can’t you paint? Well, you can always color! Many people (including me) have the same problem – they’re full of creative energy but can’t scribble a doodle. And it does make me feel bad sometimes when I feel the need to let it all out but don’t know how. Blank pages make me feel even worse.

Then again, all those beautiful henna patterns, mandalas or even Ryan Gosling (oh, yes, there is such a book) pop up all of a sudden and I feel my inner color-Goddess rejoice.

It’s Healthy

Mental health is often neglected but usually way more important than physical wellbeing. And coloring has a soothing effect both on body and soul. It helps you relax and free yourself from the clutches of stress. There are even specially designed coloring books to help you fall asleep (without the usual glass of red wine, too!)

It helps you Socialize

Throw a coloring book party, inviting your childhood best friends! Everyone gets a copy and loosens their imagination over a cup of coffee or wine. You could talk about the good old times or simply discuss your favorite TV show. You could do all that while watching your favorite TV show! Whoa, talk about multitasking!

It gives you a reality check

First and foremost, it allows you to touch paper. And paper, as it turns out, is missing more and more from our daily lives, being replaced with all kinds of tech gadgets. You can also feel the pen you’re coloring with, sense its texture, you can smudge and smear with your fingers. And there’s no “undo” button.

It’s Cheap

Adult coloring books don’t cost much. They come in all kinds of sizes and prices, so they fit everyone’s needs (and pockets). Besides, one coloring book, if colored diligently, could last for at least a month. After all, it is way cheaper than psychotherapy.

Because accuracy is everything when it comes to coloring for adults, skip the pencils and go straight to the colored pencils so you can mix colors, shade and add glare and light your masterpieces.