How To Avoid Injuries While Using A Miter Saw

The compound miter saw has been known to woodworkers for giving precise cuts and being versatile when working on a square, and making great beveled cross-cuts on wood. However, like all types of woodworking power tools, miter saws can easily be among the most dangerous equipment if used the wrong way. By knowing and religiously following the compound miter saw safety tips, you can greatly increase your chances of working smoothly on your woodworking projects, without the possibility of injuring yourself when working on this piece of machinery.

Gear up well

To start with, like using any woodworking tools, you need to wear the proper attire and a good set of safety glasses. If your tool gets pretty loud, be sure you’re also wearing hearing protection. Second, if you have a miter saw that’s equipped with a blade guard, be sure you never ever disable it. Occasionally, you must check the blade guard and make certain that it’s working properly and doesn’t bind as you’re raising or lowering the saw. While you’re doing this, you should also check and ensure that the saw blade is still sharp and is securely fastened to the arbor. If you have a dull and improperly fit blade, it can be very dangerous. Also, among the most important compound miter saw safety tips is unplugging it before you check or make adjustments on its blade. As you may have known, this tip is simple, yet prevents you from getting any serious injuries.

Adjust the fence

Third, be aware that most of the miter saws have adjustable fences. So, be sure that you have appropriately adjusted the fence in relation to the cut that you need to make. To do this, place the piece of stock firmly against your table, as well as your fence when you’re making the cut. Remember that all forms of freehanding is dangerous and should never be attempted.

Is the blade clean

Fourth, keep in mind that you need to have a clean blade. Pitch, a few cutoffs or a buildup of sawdust will likely interfere with even the simplest cutting operations so always have a small bucket nearby to place these cutoffs or get yourself a vacuum to keep sawdust away.

Finally, each time you use any of your woodworking power tools, remember that you need a good dose of common sense. Among the compound miter saw safety tips which you need to remember is that, no matter how eager you are to complete a particular task, hurrying can oftentimes lead to mistakes. Keep your mind alert and avoid drugs, alcoholic beverages, and all substances which can interfere with your normal thought processes. By doing these simple things, you are less likely to commit a mistake, or overlook some safety precautions. By doing woodworking, remember always that each task needs to be enjoyed so always take your time in checking out all the safety features of your power tools (like the compound miter saw) because it may just help you create better projects, without the risk of getting yourself injured in the process.

Reviews Of Popular Portable DVD Players

High technology has created lots of advanced electronic products. Nowadays, the smartphone has turned into the de facto portable movie and music players in today’s mobile world. But for a lot of folks, especially the car owners, being able to watch their DVD collection on the go seems to be still an attractive option.

After Toshiba launched the first DVD player in November of 1996, Japan and the United States followed by introducing theirs in 1997. Europe brought their DVD player on the market in November of 1998. After this, everyone introduced their DVD players. The DVD players were bulky heavy to carry around.

But soon after the invention, DVDs and CDs were becoming smaller and less bulky and clumsy as were their predecessors and the portable DVD player came into existence. Now a person could watch their favorite movie(s) anywhere, at home, in the office, anywhere on the go they wanted to watch a movie. Anyone could enjoy their favorite movie(s) anywhere at any time. Today we have high-end insignia dvd player that are more convenient regarding size and portability.

Here is a list of four of the more popular DVD players today:

Philips DVD players:

The Philips portable DVD player comes in about eight different types: the nine-inch widescreen, the nine-inch dual screen, Seven-inch dual widescreen, seven-inch widescreen refurbished, and the seven-inch widescreen also come in the color pink. They offer most of what you will want for entertainment.

SONY DVD players:

Sony DVD Player offers a high resolution with varied inch screen that will swivel for added convenience when needed. Models from Sony are receiving overall some extremely nice reviews and can be found in multiple colors.

Mitachi DVD Players:

Mitachi portable DVD player is considered by some to be a dying breed, but it has just unveiled its very stylish nine inches portable DVD player.

Panasonic DVD Players:

Panasonic makes a few different players. They all have a nice, sleek look and boast some attractive special features. They are not the cheapest products on the market, but a Panasonic portable DVD player is not the most expensive either. Should you consider a Panasonic portable DVD player? It depends on your needs, likely usage patterns and the quality you demand from a portable unit. Let us examine the matter in greater detail.

Toshiba DVD Players:

The Toshiba DVDs come cheap, but it does not compromise good quality with price. One of its amazing features is the standard definition which can be scaled to a very high resolution.

If you can afford something more expensive, a great choice would be Sony’s DVP-FX930. This is a portable DVD player which comes with its screen so you can watch your favorite movie anytime, anywhere.

Durabrand DVD players:

Durabrand DVD players are also the excellent and popular type of portable players in the market as of now. They have gained so much popularity mainly because they are amazingly beneficial to its owner both regarding its cost as well as its features. Durabrand DVD players have gone through a definite process of evolution providing the much sophisticated and improved portable DVD players of now.

The DVD players are available anywhere you can get them at a price that is less expensive than anywhere else. View and learn about the available DVDs online and save yourself some money by buying up to standard items.

Which Smartphone Has The Best Camera

Which Smartphone Wins The Award For Smartphone With Best Camera? What exactly makes a champion? Might it be something definable? Or rather, is it one thing that we just know, see and feel regardless of whether an individual already has won at something? And who decides? Is there something many of us come to terms upon that gives the awarding authority the facility to make that choice?

Well, regardless of how you’re going to decide what makes a champion, everybody knows the very best when we notice it. The ancient Hawaiian’s created a phrase for it – no-ka-oi – meaning best of the best.

This review listed on various sites like is to help you choose between the best new smartphones and determine what smartphone with best camera options is perfect to fit your needs. We’ve examined all of the necessary specs to comprehend which happens to be the smartphone having the best camera that will let you decide what is the best match for you.

We’ve concentrated our attention on the comparison on two of the leaders available in the market with Apple and Samsung. Below, our assessment will look with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. We examine the principle features that matter most while thinking about usability when trying to discover their rankings.

To determine which smartphone with best camera options deserves the prize, we examine the components that complement installed with all of the best new smartphones to help you resolve.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Released October 17, 2014 – the Galaxy Note 4 boasts a 5.7″ display which includes a camera resolution of 16 megapixels, in addition to a 515ppi pixel density. Together with a Note 4 has a screen resolution that is undoubtedly an unbelievable 2560 x 1440, making it a beast to rival image quality. One downfall? The clunky awkward stylus pen – so 2000!

The Samsung Galaxy S5

With super AMOLED 1080 x 1920 (432ppi) resolution screen is going to make anybody who purchases the Galaxy S5 extremely pleased with the video quality, ranking it as someone superb best new smartphones available. Additionally, a 16 megapixel and LED flash makes sure that Galaxy S5 competitive on the table when it comes to the smartphone with best camera award.

The iPhone 6

Using an 8-megapixel camera, dual LED flash and 1,750 x 1,334 (321ppi) Retina display, the key strength of the very iPhone 6 identified as the power to capture video at 1080p, helping strengthen Apple’s bid for smartphone with the best camera for 2014. You won’t be disappointed!

The iPhone 6 Plus

The largest of Apple’s iPhone brand that has a 5.5″ 1920 x 1080 Retina high-resolution screen and 8-megapixel iSight, the Plus will be the running for your smartphone with best camera award.

And Now – The Winner Is Winner IS…

Truthfully they’re all winners! No matter which situation for these sorts of best new smartphones you choose on, you’ll be a bit more than happy with your decision.

However if you simply are OK with to need to obtain just one single choice made for you, then here you go:

For video watching – The winner is clearly the Samsung Galaxy Note 4! Its extraordinary high-resolution display is awesome!

For picture taking and video making: The very best is clearly the iPhone 6 Plus! With the capability to take high-resolution video in 1080p and expanded 5.5\” face the iPhone 6 Plus is hand’s down the winner. With incredible video making ability, this fantastic iPhone by Apple is a smart decision.

Beginning with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4, we compare these with Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. By focusing on the strengths of their camera’s and screen resolution, we’ve evaluated just about any aspect to assist you to decide what exactly is a smartphone with best camera options for you!

Types Of The Best Whole House Humidifiers

It is important to maintain the humidity in your house at 40 to 55 %. However, the use of the heater can drop the humidity to as low as 5% which can bring ill effects to your health, furniture and even your utility bills. This is because a lack of humidity aggravates respiratory problems and sucks moisture from furniture to make them fragile. So the best thing to do in such situations is to install a humidifier in your home, such as those available at a site like

There are humidifiers found from various companies in various shapes and sizes in the market. You have to make your choice for a humidifier while keeping not only your comfort and health into consideration but also the type of heater you have, the hardness of your water and the cubic footage of your home. You can compare different types of humidifiers with knowledge of the cubic yardage of your home so that you get maximum relief for your home.

Types of humidifiers

There are three types of humidifiers available; the row-thru, by-pass, and steam humidifiers. The row-thru humidifiers work through evaporation where it only replaces the amount of moisture it can handle, and this depends largely on room temperature. The most common humidifiers are the by-pass humidifiers, which are the basic heater humidifiers. The third humidifier, the steam humidifier chips away at an indistinguishable guideline from vaporizers utilized when one has an icy.

Choosing the right one

If you want to add humidity to a single room, then the room size humidifier should suffice as it only has to be placed on a table top to return moisture to the single room. However, if you need moisture in the whole house, then you need a free standing unit or central humidifier that is tied into the heating system of your home. It is better to buy a larger humidifier than you need so that you maintain a higher moisture level than is required in your home. With this, you are ensured of proper level humidity all year round.

Humidifiers are also divided on the type of water vapor it releases; which are warm air and cool air humidifiers. In the case of hot air humidifiers, the water is heated and released as water vapor. The consumption of electricity here is equivalent to heating water in a kettle.

Health benefits

Do you have asthmatics in your home? If you do, are you aware that summer is coming? Although it’s a known fact that asthma attacks are more rampant during cold seasons, these may also appear during hot weather. Apart from this, there are other types of lung ailments that can appear during hot seasons. More often than not, we blame the lack of humidity in the air. Dry air can truly make a person suffer. Are you sure you’re prepared for this? If you find yourself saying ‘no’ to this question, you should get the best whole house humidifier for your home.

How To Choose The Best Bread Maker

Bread is mainly made from certain types of dough which contains flour and water as their main ingredients. Other additives such as fats, salt, and ripening or leavening agents such as yeast are also common ingredients. Along with this, milk, fruits, sugar and eggs can make your bread taste unique and delicious too. Since so much varieties of bread exist and also due to the extreme care that must be taken to bake the perfect bread, bread enthusiasts have invented different types of machines to make bread. These bread makers help people to bake their bread in a faster, efficient and easier way.

Bread makers are an excellent appliance, great for any bread lover and often helpful even if you’re unlucky enough to have allergies or don’t eat a lot of supermarket or bakery bread. In fact it can be very tough to select the right machine, but taking the help of resources such as will help in choosing your appliance. This is how to choose the best bread maker:


We live in a world where cost has a big effect on the options we take up as consumers and buyers of anything, including our appliances. This is worth remembering when it comes to bread makers.

The first thing you need to know is that the most expensive machine isn’t necessarily going to be the best one for you. Many of the lower priced models will bake bread of the same quality as the more expensive models, they just won’t come with the same amount of options or features. If you don’t need these options then you’ll be throwing money away for nothing.


A large capacity doesn’t always mean a huge cost either, in fact some of the models of bread machine that are cheaper can make very big loaves of bread, so size isn’t always dictated by your budget.


Setting you may be interested in is power saving. A blackout during baking will result in a wasted loaf of bread, if this is a concern for you then look for a model with a power saving option that will ensure the bread machine keeps going, even in the dark.

Ease of use

If you want to be able to simply add your ingredients and then let the bread maker do the rest then there are a couple of features you will want to look out for. The first is a separate tray for the machine to add ingredients at the necessary cycle. Otherwise you will be required to wait for the bread maker to signal when it’s time to add seeds, nuts or yeast. The next thing to look out for is a time delay setting that will allow you to program the bread machine to start baking at a certain time. This means you’ll be able to set it to bake overnight or while you’re at work so you have a fresh loaf of bread waiting for you.


This is one of the most important aspects. Always make sure the bread maker comes with a warranty. When you read reviews of reputed machines, such as oster bread maker reviews, you would know what is supported in the warranty.

You can use the above-mentioned methods in choosing the right bread maker.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Tune Your Guitar

Learning the chords and playing it can be easy. However, the crucial and tricky part in guitar playing is tuning them accordingly. While there are several people who are gifted and skilled enough to tune their guitars manually without the need to find the best guitar tuners, there are countless people who are incapable of tuning their guitars efficiently; where most people would refer themselves as “guitar tune deaf”.

Although guitar tuners are considered the most practical in most cases, nothing could beat a person who could tune their guitar manually. So, to give you a free tutorial, the following are some simple guitar tuning instructions.

o Learn the standard guitar tuning with EADgbe. This is an open string guitar tuning where you must learn how to tune your guitar from the thickest string (E) to the thinnest string (e). Take note when adjusting the peg, always remember that loosening the peg will turn the sound lower and on the contrary, tightening the peg will make the sound higher.

Step one. Learn to tune the 6th string or the bottom (E) string (the top string). For beginners, you must have a key reference tone and to know one, try using a Piano or research how E should sound like. Again, the best thing about guitar tuners, there is no need for you to listen to keep adjusting the tune until you clearly have the right tune for E string.

Step two. Tune the 5th string (A). Place your index finger on the fifth fret at the bottom of E string which is considered as the A note. Use the open fifth string and fretted sixth string in turn. Then, gently adjust the fifth string peg until the 6th and 5th strings are in harmony.

Step three. Tune the 4th string (D). Similar to the 5th string, you need to place your index finger on the fifth fret of the A string, known as D note. Then, pluck the fretted 5th string followed by the open 4th string, alternately or together. Tune the 4th string until it matches the sound of the fretted 5th string.

Step four. Tune the 3rd string (g). Continuously, place the index finger on the 5th fret of the D string, which is the G note, and then alternately pluck the fretted 4th string and the open 3rd string. Adjust the tune by turning the tuning peg until with harmony.

Step five. The 2nd string (b). This time, instead of using the 5th fret, you need to place your index finger on the 4th fret of the G string, which is the B note. Then, tune the second string according to reference note (B note).

Step six. The last tuning of E string (the bottom string). Place your index finger behind the 5th fret at the B string, which is the E note; then, tune the last string by matching the 5th fret of the second string.

Manual tuning of the guitar can be tough at first, yet a rewarding feeling that you are able to tune it manually without the use of guitar tuner. However, there are also times that having such device is the wisest thing to have, especially during live performances.


What To Look For In A Great Virtual Reality Headset


Virtual reality (VR) is not a new concept to us; it has been around the tech space for a good number of years now. 2016 has particularly seen the launching of great content and torrent devices. Some of the devices such as Google cardboard have simplified the VR world and enabled the creative minds to realize great breakthroughs. Right now, even with a smartphone, you can enter into the virtual environment and enjoy some exciting stuff on the gaming world according to

So without wasting more time, we have come up with a few suggestions on what to look for in a great virtual reality headset. Check this out.

1. Design

The market is filled with different VR headsets designs. Some are made from simple and fragile materials like sheets of cardboards and plastic magnifying lenses. One example is the Google cardboard set which uses a smartphone as the screen. . These designs are cheap but have very limited interactivity. On the other hand, the upgraded designs are phone powered with a number of additional features including built-in controls, tracking sensors, focus wheels and their own screens. Samsung’s Gear VR falls in this category. Make your selection depending on what you need for that time.

2. Listed cost

As you window shop for virtual reality headsets, you may have come across the up-front cost. This is the listed price of the product excluding any hidden cost. This price varies from $15 per piece to $799. As expected the Google cardboard is the cheapest; some sites actually offer it for free. Oculus Rift VR goes for $599 while HTC Vive costs $799. You pay more for the upgraded ones because of the detailed designs, software used, better control systems and the app stores.

3. Hidden costs

Like mentioned before a smartphone is all you need to use the Google cardboard. This is not the case however with other VR headsets such as Gear VR and Oculus Rift. Some headsets only work with the latest LG and Samsung flagship phones. Before purchasing that VR headset, you might want to pay more attention to these facts.

4. Space requirements

Cheap virtual reality models demand a lot of space than mid-range and high end options. The latter are portable and convenient to indulge in. Ideally, a headset should fold into a box and should have the size of a pair of eyeglasses. The premium VR sets including Sony and Oculus are extremely portable and allows you to walk or move through space. PlayStation VR for instance allows you to crouch, lean and shift your head around.

5. Controls

The basic feature of a Cardboard compatible VR headset is the input. It could be a button or just a big lens and box with a finger hole that gives you the option of tapping the screen. Some designs have extra built-in controls such as tapping, swiping and using a back button. The upgraded versions like PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift go all out when it comes to controllers. The headsets let you do almost anything including painting in three dimensions and playing realistic ping-pong.

6. Availability

The Google’s site sells all the simple VR Cardboard-compatible headsets. These are readily available. Zeiss VR and Gear VR have also filled up the store shelves compared to some years ago. Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive were among the products launched this year and are therefore available as well.

The future holds more for virtual reality headsets. As you make your selection on the available option, bear in mind that more versions are on the way. Be on the look-out for those as well. As always, we will be here to point you to the right direction when the time comes.

Reviews Of The Best Paper Shredder Gadgets Today

best paper shredder

A paper shredder is a mechanical device which is used to cut paper into strips or fine particles. Paper shredder is used by government organizations, private companies and even individuals in order to destroy sensitive, confidential and private documents.

Review of the best paper shredder Gadgets Today:

Simon Shredder S-3320:

Features Of Simon Shredder:

· It has a steady operation. The time is approximately 30 minutes

· It has a standard size. The standard size is 2mm x 2mm

· It makes very low sound , hence it has the minimal sound of a highly effective engine

· It has a price dimensions of 13.7 x 8.5 x 23, 5

· This paper shredder will take everything that it recognizes as paper

· The paper shredder will decrease paper once and again and again. Till the very best measure.

Simon Automatic Paper Shredder :

Simon automatic paper shredder is a huge paper shredder which is available in two styles.

Tips For Buying the Best Paper Stripper Gadget Today:

Differences Between Paper Shredders

There are two types of paper shredders . One of them slices ribbons out of a sheet of a paper and the other makes cross cut by cutting both horizontally and vertically. Cross cut shredders are safer and secure because one can go through the pieces of stripped paper and tape them together again

Price of the Paper Gadget

An ideal paper gadget for home should cost between $80 to $100 .

Which Paper Shredder is Best recommended for homes ?


This will depend on how much you have to shred paper on a daily basis. Also depends on whether you want to spend 30 minutes or 3 minutes doing this work. The minimum shredder capacity is around 8 to 10 sheets of paper.

Features to look for

Most of the paper shredders have sensors, so they detect as soon as the paper is plugged in and start shredding it. In terms of safety and protection, make sure the throat is hidden because there might be small kids around. One should look around for small machines.


Cleaning of the filing cabinet is an important aspect to look at. If there are lots of paper such as family records and personnel documents then it will not be easy for a personnel shredder to do all the work. One needs to be able to use the professional paper shredding services available.

HSM Shredstar BS10cs Cross Cut Paper Shredder :

This paper shredder works best if you are the owner of a small business and even for part time work. It is designed to shred only 10 to 12 sheets at one time.

Advantages :

· It is easy to feed

· It is easy to move

· It is available at an affordable price

· It is one of the top rated paper shredder gadgets available in market.


· It has a limited warranty on some parts

· The design of the paper shredder is not that attractive

· Users might also prefer High Bin Capacity

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Reviewingt The Aactron Cp9575 Autoscanner

actron cp9575a

The Aactron Cp9575 Autoscanner is one of the professional scanners available. That’s not all, it is one of the affordable scanners that helps you get all the essential data from your vehicle. Interestingly, the scanner is compatible with all vehicles. Above all, it is extremely easy to use according to You don’t need any experience or knowledge to use the scanner. It is their ability to get paired with vehicles that makes them a smart choice. All you need to do is simply plug it in and let it check your vehicle of all the problems. Reviewing the Aactron Cp9575 Autoscanner will help you know what makes it a good choice for your vehicle.

Features of the product

Smart USB connectivity

One of the primary features of the product is the smart USB connectivity. This allows you to keep this unit updated as and when you need. Apart from this, it will also allow to update any code or data the Autoscanner uses every time. This is also quite easy to use and you just need to plug it into your PC using the cable.

State OBD check option

With this Autoscanner you can use the State OBD check facility to see if the vehicle will clear the emission test. This has become easier with this device since you can check if before going for the test and fix it if it goes beyond the passing level.

Includes more than 15000 codes

The device allows you to check from more than 15000 codes. Along with this, it also shows you manufacturer specific codes. It goes without saying that this feature helps you have quick access to the resources and fix any problem before it’s too late.

Extra features

With this device as more data gets processed and appears on the screen, there’s a chance that you might lose some data through the processing. Keeping this in mind, the actron cp9575 Autoscanner comes with a freeze frame capability that makes sure you don’t have to miss out on any information.

Another interesting feature of the product is the big screen. This helps you get clear readings without any hassle. You can even use the device with only one hand as the buttons are large sized.

Benefits of the product

Reliable and efficient

The numerous features make this device user friendly and effortlessly easy to use. You don’t need any expert help or prior experience when using the device.

Affordable in nature

Another benefit of the product is its affordable price. There are numerous scanners available with less features than this, but most are overpriced. This Autoscanner included several features offering better solutions to vehicle owners. Apart from this, it is a one-time buy that is priced well.



Reviewing the Aactron Cp9575 Autoscanner has brought out a minor disadvantage of this product. Even though you don’t need much experience in using this device, some people might find it a bit complex to use. The software enhancements become a difficult to deal with when the person has no knowledge about the technology used in it.

Recommendation to use

This is a highly useful device for all vehicle owners who want a hassle free maintenance of their vehicles. The reasonable price and packed features make it a smart choice.

So, don’t think twice, get up and get this smart device, now! Use it to see the remarkable features the device has to offer.

Buying A Humidifier For Your Home Office

office humidifier

Keeping your health fit is the surest way to be productive at work. Your home office is where you spend considerable time making a living for yourself and family. A humidifier is the appliance that you need to have to increase the levels of humidity in your home office. Buying the best humidifier from home for your home office is the perfect solution to health and comfort challenges occasioned by low humidity levels.

Prevent health challenges

At times humidity levels in your home office might fall below the usual comfort levels, especially so during winter. Low humidity levels can cause drying out mucous membranes in the nose and throat and can cause respiratory distress. Dry skin and itchy eyes can as well be part of the unfortunate bargain. These make you uncomfortable and lower your productivity. The best humidifier for you home office should feature the following:

Know the types

Basically these appliances come in two general categories: Warm mist and Cool mist. The difference between the two is on how they work, but both add moisture to the air. Choice between the two categories is basically a matter of personal preference.

Low noise

Ultrasonic humidifiers are generally quieter than the evaporative ones. Some humidifiers are louder than others. Pick a model that has low noise levels for your home office.

Simple maintenance

Whichever variety you choose should be easy to clean. Ensure you buy a humidifier that has parts that you can easily dissemble for cleaning purposes. It should also have clear anti bacterial capabilities such as a silver-ion filter. This makes it easy to keep out the proliferation of unwanted fungus, bacteria and molds. Do not let the humidifier be a source of other health problems.

Choose by size of your home office

To establish the humidifier size you need, consider the dimensions of your home office. Ideally, small humidifiers should cater for rooms up to 300 square feet. Medium size humidifiers are appropriate for rooms of 300 to 499 square feet. Large humidifiers should cater for rooms of 500 to 999 square feet while extra large humidifiers are for spaces 1,000 square feet or more.

Ease of use

Read room humidifier info and choose the best humidifier which is easy to move. The tank should conveniently fit beneath your bathroom faucet. Scout around for a user friendly controls and clearly visible displays of humidity level and settings. In case you select evaporative models, ensure the wick is easy and economical to replace.

Monitor the humidity levels

Too much humidity is counter productive to your health. In any case it is wise to maintain optimum humidity levels. Include hygrometer, also known as a humidistat to monitor the room moisture. This enhances efficiency by turning off the humidifier when the moisture reaches the desired levels, and turns on again when the moisture level drops.

Safety first

Take caution as you select your humidifier. Note that warm the steam produced by mist humidifiers can be a big hazard. This water can easily scald if one accidentally tips over the humidifier. On the other hand the dual mist ultrasonic variety are a bit safer since they don’t heat water. With these considerations, be sure to get your self the best humidifier for your home office!