Online Review Websites For Small Businesses

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Grow your business through online reviews and testimonials

Thanks to the internet and all of its packages, businesses are becoming more and more aware of what to do to keep their customers happy. The task may not be 100% satisfying, but striving to achieve it is a step forward. The internet provides an array of options for the customers in terms of products and services available, their quality, prices and their level of satisfaction. Click here to visit Brad Callen Review Trust Website to learn more!

When a customer consumes a product, rarely does he or she pick up the phone and say how pleased she is with the quality of service or product delivered. Especially for small businesses looking to grow, customer feedback is crucial so as to become aware of the next step towards customer satisfaction. Online review websites for small businesses give small businesses the opportunity to ask for that feedback.

Research shows that; 52% of customers are more likely to engage with a business that has positive reviews. Another 52% trust online reviews similar to word of mouth from family and friends. 72% of local customers who use online reviews, select the local business that they will use. (Local consumer review summary)

Importance of online reviews to the business

As a business, don’t be in a hurry to seek out reviews. First, you need to know the importance of doing so. When it comes to convincing customers to leave a review, it is not a walk in the park. But why go through such a tough experience only to get either that one positive review or those 100 negative reviews?

  • Trust and credibility – Online reviews build trust and credibility between the business and potential customers. This is because the platforms give the customers vital information about the business product and services. In addition, if the business responds to the reviews, consumers will trust that you are really there for them.
  • Consumers trust what fellow consumers say – Reviews have a positive impact on the potential customers. This is because, reviews give the impression of the state of your business. Both negative and positive reviews have an impact on the decision making of a potential customer.
  • Free advertising – Free advertising is an added advantage when it comes to online review. This is because, satisfied customers are more likely to talk about your business. The reviews expose your business to a wide range of people and especially for small businesses, this will enhance growth.
  • Constructive criticism – Sometimes, bad reviews are a gold mine depending on how the business responds to the reviews. A good business will take into account the criticism and improve their products and services. This improves customer satisfaction and improves the business because a happy consumer is a frequent consumer.
  • Enhanced Google search – The more reviews posted, the more visible you are on the search engine ranking. This confirms your business as legitimate and trustworthy. Therefore, aim at improving your local SEO by constantly engaging your consumers in one way or another. This is because every review counts.

There are different numbers of online platforms that consumers may use to review your small business products and services. They include Google plus, Angie’s list, Facebook business page, yelp among others.

  • Angie’s list -Geared towards service based businesses, this online review platform is considered as one of the best platforms out there. Member subscription is paid for but great satisfaction is derived. This is because well-structured and thought out reviews are given on a scale of A to F. Therefore, customers seeking information on a certain business product, in most cases, gets the most accurate piece of information.
  • Yelp – Unlike Angie’s list, this online review website is free and rates business products and services on a five star scale. Any consumer and business can set up a profile on yelp! As a business, expect many reviews on this platform both good and bad and be ready to respond to the negative reviews since yelpers are a tight community and one wrong response may plunge your business into turmoil.
  • Google plus/Local/places – Anybody can leave a review under google plus in relation to your business. Prior to being the biggest search engine on the web, google gives when you ask. Just type in your business name and the results are tremendous. There is no hiding anything on goggle. Once you put it up there, they will find you and if they love your products and services they will positively review it.


Online review websites give small businesses the credibility they need to become relevant on the web in addition to building trust between the business and their consumers. Not any review is good for your business. This is because, study shows that news of bad customer services and products spreads like a wild fire compared to good news pertaining to a product or service. Therefore, an online review website ensures that the business products and services are constantly tailored towards customer satisfaction.

The 10 Things A Startup Needs To Know When Starting Your Business

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Starting a business can be a hard task when you do not know what to do when operating from the market. However, when you understand the facts on what to do, you will always be sure that you will succeed when running your startup business. Here are the 10 things a startup needs to know when starting your business. For more info, you should check

  1. Know where to get capital

You can never start your business when you have no idea on where you are going to get your capital. Successful business startups need capital that will enable you to grow your idea when you need to make it right when operating from the market. You should ensure that you have a reality source of money that will enable you run your business successfully when operating from the market. In the end, you will be able to make your idea to become a reality after starting your business.

  1. Have a business plan

A business plan is a document that will enable you understand how you will run your business successfully in the market. You should make sure that you run a successful business especially when operating from the market. Through this, you will always know what to do when operating by running your business. Seek help when you do not know how to write a business plan.

  1. Have a proper marketing plan

You should ensure that you have a proper marketing plan when you need to operate in the market. You have a clear idea on how you will attract customers to your business after start operating. You should review your marketing plan according to existing market conditions.

  1. Have a business mentor

Having a business mentor will enable you understand the business dynamics when operating in the market. They will also give you secrets of running a business.

  1. Know your market well

Understand your market will enable you come up with the strategies when you need to launch your product in the market.

  1. Understand your competitors

You should understand your competitors in the market when you need to run your business successfully especially when planning to operate from the market.

  1. Hire the right employees for your business

When you have the right employees for your business, you will be able to successfully attract customers to your startup business.

  1. Get help from business startup experts

You should have business startup experts who will help you run your business. This will limit your business mistakes when operating in the market.

  1. Engage in social responsibility

You must engage in social responsibility if you need to get the best returns for your business. This will make people trust your business thus buying your products.

  1. Understand the tax mechanisms

You must know the tax mechanisms to avoid problems with the government when operating from the market. This will also help you run your startup business effectively without government interference. Ensure you have all the necessary documents.

In conclusion, the above are some of the things a startup needs to know when they need to get successfully into a market.