Guide To Buying The Best Squirrel Feeder

Watching squirrels can be fun and enjoyable. These cuddly and cute creatures can change you bored mood for good. Moreover, squirrels play a major role in the environment, during winter they gather and bury nuts hoping to eat them later. Luckily they tend to forget where they have buried their treasure and end up plating a tree. We all know the enormous benefits trees have on our environment. Squirrels, however, may compete for feeding with birds once they find the bird feeder. Having a squirrel corn feeder keeps them away from your bird feeder by separating the two territories. Squirrels have the tendency of marking and protecting their territories from other squirrels thus feeding them can be easy as you will know the amount of food you need. There are several considerations you need to figure out before buying a squirrel feeder. Here is a guide that will help you find the best squirrel feeder:

i) The number of squirrels

Knowing the number of squirrels that frequently come to your yard will assist you in knowing the size of squirrel feeder you want to buy. There is a high chance that when you start feeding them the number may increase slightly thus you need to buy a feeder that is able to accommodate few more squirrels than those you regularly see.

ii) Whether you want a feeder that combine well with your yard overall look

Choosing a squirrel feeder can be challenging, you have to ask yourself if the general outlook of the feeder matches your yard. For those who love matching having a feeder made from redwood or cedar which is painted color like forest green may be the best option. If you don’t mind about matching you can choose any color that is your favorite.

iii) The size of the yard

The purpose of a squirrel feeder is to closely watch these cute amazing mammals as closer as possible apart from feeding them. Having squirrel feeder which is well designed to allow a closer view without drawing squirrel attention will be better especially if you have a small yard.

iv) The type of Image created

Some of the squirrel feeders can be designed to create an image that is amazing, hilarious or even ridiculous. For example, a squirrel feeder may be designed so that the head of the squirrel is lead into a mask into a food reservoir which creates a hilarious image. This not only make it enjoyable to watch the squirrel but may attract you, your guest and family to always watch the squirrel feeding.