What Is The Correct Turmeric Dosage To Include In Your Diet

There’s been a lot of enthusiasm about the health benefits of turmeric. Of course, as soon as people hear about how tremendously healthy turmeric is, they’re all going to have the same question: what is the correct turmeric dosage or simply put, how much turmeric should you take in your diet?

Getting the Full Benefits

Obviously, most people should not be overly concerned about the possibility of consuming too much turmeric. Most people aren’t going to want to do so anyway. After all, people can only handle so much of something that is as spicy as turmeric.

One of the advantages of getting health benefits from something like turmeric in the first place is the simple fact that people don’t have to worry about overdosing in the first place. Similar types of medication that will offer similar benefits will carry side effects that people are just not going to have to worry about with something as natural and safe and turmeric.

However, it’s still important to understand the correct dosage of turmeric, or people will not be able to get all of the associated benefits. Having a tiny taste of turmeric here and there is not going to have an effect on a person’s overall health. However, having a much more substantial regular dose of turmeric will, and that is what people will need to try to keep in mind.

Suggested Doses

It ultimately depends on how people choose to ingest their turmeric. The doses will vary tremendously based on the exact form the turmeric takes. Some of the doses might seem large in practice, and others might seem too minor to count. As such, it’s important to confirm that the dosage is right for the version of turmeric that people are using.

Some people will choose to take it in the form of dried, powdered root. If that’s the case, they should try to get between one to three grams per day. The cut root form is also popular, and people should take 1.5 to 3 grams per day if they want to get the full benefits of the turmeric.

It’s also common to take turmeric in the form of standardized powder, or the curcumin supplement. If people are taking it in that form, they should try to get 400 – 600 mg of the powder three times per day. In the form of tincture, people will need 15 – 30 drops administered four times per day. With the fluid extract, it’s ideal to take between 30 and 90 drops a day.

Forms of Turmeric

There might be some other forms of turmeric on the market, but those are the primary versions. People might need to take turmeric several times throughout the day to get the full effects. In other cases, getting the single large dose is usually going to be enough.

One way or another, it should be possible for people to find a form of turmeric that will suit them. They might want to experiment with different forms and different versions of the spice in order to adopt the right turmeric regimen.