How To Avoid Injuries While Using A Miter Saw

The compound miter saw has been known to woodworkers for giving precise cuts and being versatile when working on a square, and making great beveled cross-cuts on wood. However, like all types of woodworking power tools, miter saws can easily be among the most dangerous equipment if used the wrong way. By knowing and religiously following the compound miter saw safety tips, you can greatly increase your chances of working smoothly on your woodworking projects, without the possibility of injuring yourself when working on this piece of machinery.

Gear up well

To start with, like using any woodworking tools, you need to wear the proper attire and a good set of safety glasses. If your tool gets pretty loud, be sure you’re also wearing hearing protection. Second, if you have a miter saw that’s equipped with a blade guard, be sure you never ever disable it. Occasionally, you must check the blade guard and make certain that it’s working properly and doesn’t bind as you’re raising or lowering the saw. While you’re doing this, you should also check and ensure that the saw blade is still sharp and is securely fastened to the arbor. If you have a dull and improperly fit blade, it can be very dangerous. Also, among the most important compound miter saw safety tips is unplugging it before you check or make adjustments on its blade. As you may have known, this tip is simple, yet prevents you from getting any serious injuries.

Adjust the fence

Third, be aware that most of the miter saws have adjustable fences. So, be sure that you have appropriately adjusted the fence in relation to the cut that you need to make. To do this, place the piece of stock firmly against your table, as well as your fence when you’re making the cut. Remember that all forms of freehanding is dangerous and should never be attempted.

Is the blade clean

Fourth, keep in mind that you need to have a clean blade. Pitch, a few cutoffs or a buildup of sawdust will likely interfere with even the simplest cutting operations so always have a small bucket nearby to place these cutoffs or get yourself a vacuum to keep sawdust away.

Finally, each time you use any of your woodworking power tools, remember that you need a good dose of common sense. Among the compound miter saw safety tips which you need to remember is that, no matter how eager you are to complete a particular task, hurrying can oftentimes lead to mistakes. Keep your mind alert and avoid drugs, alcoholic beverages, and all substances which can interfere with your normal thought processes. By doing these simple things, you are less likely to commit a mistake, or overlook some safety precautions. By doing woodworking, remember always that each task needs to be enjoyed so always take your time in checking out all the safety features of your power tools (like the compound miter saw) because it may just help you create better projects, without the risk of getting yourself injured in the process.