Reviews Of Popular Portable DVD Players

High technology has created lots of advanced electronic products. Nowadays, the smartphone has turned into the de facto portable movie and music players in today’s mobile world. But for a lot of folks, especially the car owners, being able to watch their DVD collection on the go seems to be still an attractive option.

After Toshiba launched the first DVD player in November of 1996, Japan and the United States followed by introducing theirs in 1997. Europe brought their DVD player on the market in November of 1998. After this, everyone introduced their DVD players. The DVD players were bulky heavy to carry around.

But soon after the invention, DVDs and CDs were becoming smaller and less bulky and clumsy as were their predecessors and the portable DVD player came into existence. Now a person could watch their favorite movie(s) anywhere, at home, in the office, anywhere on the go they wanted to watch a movie. Anyone could enjoy their favorite movie(s) anywhere at any time. Today we have high-end insignia dvd player that are more convenient regarding size and portability.

Here is a list of four of the more popular DVD players today:

Philips DVD players:

The Philips portable DVD player comes in about eight different types: the nine-inch widescreen, the nine-inch dual screen, Seven-inch dual widescreen, seven-inch widescreen refurbished, and the seven-inch widescreen also come in the color pink. They offer most of what you will want for entertainment.

SONY DVD players:

Sony DVD Player offers a high resolution with varied inch screen that will swivel for added convenience when needed. Models from Sony are receiving overall some extremely nice reviews and can be found in multiple colors.

Mitachi DVD Players:

Mitachi portable DVD player is considered by some to be a dying breed, but it has just unveiled its very stylish nine inches portable DVD player.

Panasonic DVD Players:

Panasonic makes a few different players. They all have a nice, sleek look and boast some attractive special features. They are not the cheapest products on the market, but a Panasonic portable DVD player is not the most expensive either. Should you consider a Panasonic portable DVD player? It depends on your needs, likely usage patterns and the quality you demand from a portable unit. Let us examine the matter in greater detail.

Toshiba DVD Players:

The Toshiba DVDs come cheap, but it does not compromise good quality with price. One of its amazing features is the standard definition which can be scaled to a very high resolution.

If you can afford something more expensive, a great choice would be Sony’s DVP-FX930. This is a portable DVD player which comes with its screen so you can watch your favorite movie anytime, anywhere.

Durabrand DVD players:

Durabrand DVD players are also the excellent and popular type of portable players in the market as of now. They have gained so much popularity mainly because they are amazingly beneficial to its owner both regarding its cost as well as its features. Durabrand DVD players have gone through a definite process of evolution providing the much sophisticated and improved portable DVD players of now.

The DVD players are available anywhere you can get them at a price that is less expensive than anywhere else. View and learn about the available DVDs online and save yourself some money by buying up to standard items.